Monday, 9 October 2017

Goodreads Giveaway ! The Carrero Heart Paperback.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Carrero Heart book 1 by L.T. Marshall

The Carrero Heart book 1

by L.T. Marshall

Giveaway ends October 20, 2017.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Only ten days to go for this giveaway. So be quick to sign up!
You get a signed copy of my newest book, The Carrero Heart book 1... Book 2 is out in the next month and I really encourage you to enter.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Big things are happening.Blog tour!

In the last week things have started to roll in big style. From around Monday last week, I have been overwhelmed suddenly with an influx of interest from blogs, interviews and even been booked for a live video interview with a USA you-tuber. I will announce when I have more details on that and of course paste up link on my social media when I find the blog posts about me. I also started my very first live slot on my author page. Life has been absolutely hectic, all the while, trying to write my Carrero Heart Book 2.

Now the reason for this post is to alert you of opportunities as I build my online presence, a chance to get involved. I want to offer the opportunity to people who read my blog regularly.

My new PA Suzie is organising a blog tour and looking bloggers

The book Blog Tour will be on The Carrero Effect

Emma Anderson has everything in her life worked out. She has her perfect job in a Manhattan empire allowing her to live a quiet and organised safe existence. A necessity to her, after a childhood filled with bad memories, abuse, and a mother who was less than useless. But, with it comes a problem, one that could derail everything she thought she needed in her life. Her promotion sends her straight into the close employment of young, gorgeous, playboy billionaire, Jacob Carrero with his formidable reputation for being a player. Stuck as his right-hand man, every waking moment of every single day, she realises he is exactly the type of person who could drive her crazy, and not in a good way. Like chalk and cheese, he is everything she's not. Compulsive, confident, laid back, dominant and fun, with a seriously laid back attitude to casual sex and dating. Jake is the only one with an ability to steamroll over her manicured ice maiden exterior, who is not phased by the closed in demeanour and cool manners, but as much as she wants to, letting him in is another thing entirely. A past that made her man wary and no desire to ever let one close enough to hurt her again, Jacob Carrero has his work cut out. He is not someone who takes NO for an answer and will have to learn how to break through if he wants more than the mask she shows the world. Jake needs to show her that even some one like him can change when that one girl that matters breaks through. Love-able sexy characters and deep emotional topics. Contains some mature, adult content and language.

If you want to listen to the playlist to accompany this book it's here 

She has also set up some new Facebook groups and we are looking for participants.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

L.T.Marshall LIVE on FACEBOOK WED 7PM *****

I am setting up a regular live spot on my facebook page for all and everyone to come along. There will be random chat, questions, humour and giveaways. Please feel free to pop along and support me. I hope to do this regularly on a scheduled 7pm (UK TIME) slot.

Carrero Heart updates!! Download please.


So anyone who got the original download on amazon can now update their kindles for the proper version. You will have received an email with instruction on how to do so. Manually go to the book in your contents page and click on the accept update button.
One you do, the brand new, longer, fixed and polished edition will be on your kindle. It has all the missing scenes and edits and reads far differently from the rough draft which was mistakingly uploaded.
I can only apologise once again,, to all readers for this error.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Letters to Leanne - Agony aunt weekly. #3

I have always been someone that people have asked advice of, since an early age. I became known for my level headed outlook on life and was trusted in all manner of personal issues. I have a lot of life experience, and my honest attitude, logical way of seeing any scenario meant that over the years I have received many requests for advice through social media. Anyone who gets to know me, knows that I always give my best advice wholeheartedly and am always there to be an ear and shoulder to cry on. It has gained me many friends across the sea's for years and I felt it was time I extended the efforts. I will post one 'Letters to Leanne' blog a week,  from 1 to 3 letters each time, from the many emails and messages I receive with your consent. To have advice published please contact with your problems at the form below.

Weekly agony aunt post - Need advice ? Contact me here

Dear Anon

This really is a dilemma, isn't it?

Judging by the fact you even saw this as a huge deal, shows you truly love your best friend, and are a genuine caring person. That gives me the vibe that she is worthy of caring about and probably mutually lovely. Most girls would choose love over friends, even those of us who think they wouldn't. 

Given so little information, I can only summarise by the vibe I get from your letter.
You need to sit down with your friend and be completely honest with her, you never know. She may be as mature as you, and understand that love is not always reciprocated, and would rather see you happy than neither of you get the happy ever after. 

A true friend will want your happiness, even if it leaves her hurt.

If this guy truly is someone who may be in your future, in a very serious way, then you need to address it all from day one with your best friend. Secrets will only destroy trust. Sneaking around will hurt her more and I get the vibe that you will not easily give this guy up, even if you say you will.
She may not be immediately thrilled, but honesty, telling her you consider not being with him for her, in time I think she will come around.

After all, she likes him, but it's never been a relationship and doesn't really break any girl code if you both knew you have always liked him equally. She has no more 'right' to him than you have.

If your friend chooses that you stay away for him, for her, then you need to evaluate just what her friendship means to you. Ask yourself, if roles were reversed... Would you let her be happy with him? If that's a yes, then there is your answer.

Love is selfless, from both sides, love is putting aside your feelings to see someone you love happy.
If your best friend cannot get past this and lets you get the happy ever after, then you need to really look at your relationship. Some friends we outgrow, they trail away in our future paths, some friends cling on. You normally find the ones who stick around are the ones who say 'you like him...go for it.' and will cheer you on from the sidelines. Maybe you are not really as close as you want to be. 

You also need to evaluate if you think this guy and you could really work, be serious and is worth possibly losing someone over. It all comes down to you in the end and where you see your future heading. 

The 'love is selfless' thing can work both ways, and in theory, if you love her then you let him walk away. But in this, I do not feel the same applies. You would be shielding her from minor hurt, not stopping her from getting him, not shielding her from a  break up.... While she would be standing in the way of possibly being with the guy you could end up with for an eternity. A future that might hold a life, marriage, children. You need to weight this up.

If you do go down the route of being with this boy, with her blessing. Make sure you do not rub it in her face; openly be all over him, or prioritise him. 
She may go through a  phase of upset and insecurity, and how you handle it in the beginning will determine how quickly she gets used to you and him, as a couple, and move on from her crush.

If it were me, I would be honest, tell my friend, but also make it clear that he means a lot to me and I want both of them in my life. I would give her time to get used to it, keep things low key, but ultimately tell her that if she wants my happiness then she will move on from this. I am a firm believer in being fair, treating my friends with respect, but putting my needs first. True friends may get upset, but in the end will come around. I would not give her the option of keeping us apart, I own my life but I would accept there is going to be hurt and upset, and possibly a rough patch for us. I would work on making her important while my new romance blossoms.

I really hope some of this was helpful, I hope it all works out and you have both of them for a very long time.

Good luck 

Leanne xxx

Agree or disagree with my response? Have another view or opinion? Please comment below. I love nothing more than interaction with readers who may offer a wider variety of solutions to my letter writer. 

Monday, 2 October 2017

Readers contact me for your PDF, The Carrero Heart.

Anyone who was affected by the error version on amazon of the new Carrero Heart book, please contact me here for a PDF copy of the finished version. It makes a huge difference to how the main characters are perceived, as well as missing scenes and expansion in areas.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Carrero Heart, Amazon errors and missing scene.

Just a quick note to inform anyone who has downloaded The Carrero heart, the version Amazon had was not the final cut. It seems my word document had not been updating while edits were done and while it was the right file, it was not the final draft and had both mistakes, and a lot of missing info, including one missing scene. This has now been rectified and we identified it to be a word issue with my update feature.Luckily I leave my file open while I work and was able to recover the final edit.

The new version should automatically update to your kindles in around seven days, according to Amazon and I can only apologise. I am very disappointed that readers only got a broken view of the story and missed scene as a first time read. This will not happen again.

Book 2 is underway, we will be sending it to one another via email to spot check the issues before uploading the next one and my word program is undergoing an update to fix flaws I encountered through the process of this book.
I am so very sorry.

To contact me concerning a PDF if you would rather not wait on updates then please click here.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Get involved with my Letters to Leanne posts

I recently started doing an agony aunt slot on my blog. Judging by the amount of reads and new followers here, I think it's a sign the blog is a success. Seems everyone likes to speculate over real life relationships. Now you can get more involved. Come join me on twitter where we openly discuss the weeks problems and you can give an interactive opinion on problems that I post xx

I will post issues sporadically in picture form and welcome everyone, and all, to give their honest opinion on the issues. Some will be current and newly sent in by followers who are happy to have them discussed online. Some will be already posted on the agony blog in the past and I welcome any differing views on how I answered. 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Carrero Heart book 1 Free for 5 days!

The Carrero Heart hit amazon this morning, although some of you rushed to buy it already, we have decided to add a free promo which starts tomorrow. For a fully 5 days this book will be a free download!

Monday, 25 September 2017

The Carrero Heart book 1 is live!!

Book 1 is now live , I shall be applying a free download promo hopefully in the next 24 hours!! It is currently available for purchase right now though.

The Carrero Heart book 1 out in 24 hours!

The Carrero Heart is ready and hitting amazon in 24 hours!

That's right. It's been submitted as an eBook to amazon and should be live in the next 24 hours.
The book you have all been waiting on, book 1 of our duo.
The story Mapping Sophie and Arrick's roller coaster relationship.

----------------------The Carrero Heart - Book 1 --------------------

Friday, 22 September 2017

The Carrero Heart is truly underway.

Just an update on my writing for all you guys.The Carrero Heart book has been split into two parts, with a third in planning. Do not worry, both books have been plotted as a two parter and should be released maybe a month apart or thereabouts. I am aiming for a book 1 release in the next 3-4 weeks if all goes to plan. It's in the final writing stage before my editor get's her hands on it and we have already sorted the cover and blurb for immediate fast release. I know a lot of you are waiting for this, excitedly, seeing as you all keep telling me. There is an excerpt in one of my previous blog posts but even that chapter has had revisions and updates to make this one of the best books so far.
If you loved Jake and Emma's story, then I am sure this will be a hit with you too. Yes , they do make the odd appearance and as this is set five years on from The Carrero Solution, you get to see how they are doing.

If you are new to Carrero or maybe happen along this blog then here's the promo stuff to let you catch up. 

----------------------The Carrero Heart - Book 1 --------------------